Is Florida probate required? What options are available? How long will it take?
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5 Quick Florida Probate Answers

Is Florida probate necessary?

It depends on the circumstances! The primary consideration is how assets are titled.  If the deceased person had Florida assets that are in his or her name alone, a Florida probate or summary administration will probably be required.  This is the first thing we go over in our free telephone consultation.

Do I need a probate attorney?

Yes, in most cases.  Florida law requires a Florida probate attorney for all estates unless the personal representative is the only person with an interest in the estate or the personal representative is an attorney admitted to practice in Florida. Since the attorney will need to be involved, you should consult with the Florida probate attorney in the early stages of the probate process.

How much will probate cost?

We would need more information to answer this question.  The costs of Florida probate can vary depending on how much work will be required. We offer up-front Value Pricing that is almost always lower than the fees allowed by law.

How long will Florida probate take?

The Florida estate must remain open for a period of 3 months to allow creditors to submit claims. This makes it impossible to close an estate in less than 3 months.  And given that it takes a little time to get the estate open and file the documents to close the estate, an 4 to 8 month timeframe is a reasonable estimate for simple estates.

Do you handle probate in My County?

Yes!  We can handle probate matters in all of Florida's probate courts. But we only handle uncontested probate matters and we only represent personal representatives.  We do not represent or correspond with heirs or beneficiaries of Florida estates that are not personal representatives of the estates.  Being selective about the clients we take allows us to focus on moving uncontested estates through the Florida probate as quickly and cost-efficiently as possible.

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